Training Schedules...

The club operates in various locations and each team has a primary training day and venue, as well as a second training session.

At the start of the season, there will be trials sessions to stream people into the correct squads for the coming year. These sessions will not prevent people from playing with White Eagles but may not lead to the players' first choice of team depending upon competition for places. If this is the case, coaches will be willing to listen and also would encourage training up with a stronger team to facilitate a transfer later in the season if deemed appropriate.

Our session will run according to the time table shown below, but players are advised to join our various teams' mailing lists to receive up to date information on training, games and social events.

Team Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
M1 Battersea 8pm     Chestnut Grove 7:30pm
M2 Battersea 8pm     Graveney 8pm
M3     Streatham 7pm Graveney 8pm
W1 Graveney 8pm   Chestnut Grove 7:30pm  
W2 Graveney 8pm Streatham 7pm Chestnut Grove 7:30pm  
W3   Streatham 7pm Chestnut Grove 7:30pm  

For more information on our teams and venues, please send us an email at the following address: