Volleyball Clubs in London

Volleyball in London is a great way to socialize and keep fit at the same time. If you are a lover of the sport London has a variety of Volleyball clubs to choose from that can meet your requirements on engaging with peers who love the sport as much as you do and also, share the same goal of being the best volleyball player in London. Being part of a Volleyball Club means that you can be part of the Volleyball London League playing against other teams in London who are a part of the Volleyball London League.

Some of the major Volleyball clubs London include;

London Lionhearts Volleyball Club is open throughout the year and can be found at Bow School on 44 Twelvetrees Crescent in London, Sobell Leisure Centre on Hornsey Road and Green Spring Academy on Gosset Street, London. They have men and women's teams with beginners and advanced players. The London Lionhearts Volleyball Club has an indoor season that starts in September and ends in April annually. The club offers a coach who can determine which level of play you are currently in and place you in the relevant team.

Little Giants Volleyball is affiliated with Volleyball England as well as the London Volleyball Association. The Little Giants Volleyball have a mix of male and female teams. The club also offers Volleyball players outside of the club an opportunity to play making use of their facilities and coach through arranged hire services.

Flaming Six Volleyball Club takes pride in their rich history of Volleyball knowledge and the establishment of their club in 2008. The Volleyball club boasts an array of teams in the advanced stages such as the Aces, an all-male team, the Angels, an all-female team, the Black Jacks (male team), Blaze (female team), Crusaders (men's team) and the Comets and Dragons which are both female teams. Situated in South West London the Volleyball Club takes pride in having representatives in the National Volleyball League and also the London League.

London Lynx Volleyball Club is open to both corporate and social volleyball clubs in their teams and hosts both types of events at their facilities in Poplar on 170 East India Dock Road as well as different locations around East London. The London Lynx Volleyball Club has both male and female teams. The Volleyball Club has been in operation for more than 10 years and they offer training, officiating, playing and coaching opportunities to their young members.

Volleyball Clubs in London are a great starting point to being a part of a community of strong and fast-growing Volleyball clubs in the United Kingdom. Being a part of these Volleyball clubs helps players to build their professional career in the sport of volleyball as they grow in the game and experience their heightened love of the sport fuelled with socializing and making long-term friendships. The Volleyball Clubs in London is also affiliated with the London Volleyball Association and Volleyball England making the sports fair and regulated with trained coaches and professional players who adhere to the rules of the sport. Being part of Volleyball Clubs in London means you can compete on a professional level with matches in the different volleyball leagues on a regional or national level.

You have the luxury of developing if you are a beginner with some of the best players who are part of the Volleyball Clubs in London developing with players at the same level as you.